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Services & Offerings

Intuitive Readings

Using oracle cards and creating a sacred setting, this time is to look at where you are now and finding all the possibilities to move forward. 

Soul Retrievals

During the soul retrieval process, Sherry journeys to the lower world to visit the four chambers of the soul to discover the soul contracts made by a client regarding the wound that has created the soul loss. After the personal transformation of soul retrieval, the client can then claim their own truth and discover their personal gifts and treasures that they bring into the world. They are then free to live life to the fullest, honor their own spirituality, and bring joy to themselves and others. 


By clearing the dense energies and sludge’s that have built in the chakra system you become more balanced with yourself and the world around you. 

Destiny Retrievals

Through destiny retrieval, Sherry journeys to the upper world to retrieve healed states, gifts and to discover the sacred “Soul Contract” that was agreed upon in order to experience and create or recreate that which we truly desire. 

Spiritual Cheerleading

One on one session to define where you are and what your goals and dreams are and how to bring them into your world. 

Circle of  Transformation

This class provides a transformational experience, the Shaman way, allowing one to develop the potential that lies within. There are 4 directions that we journey through within this program and each direction consists of 8 classes. We begin our journey in the South in which we release all that no longer serves us for today. We start the healing journey of healing ourselves of our wounds and transforming them into our greatest assets. We then go into the West where we find our ancestral beliefs and cut the cords that hinder us in the now. We also journey beyond death. Next we step into the North where we begin to dream our reality into that which we desire. We end in the East and see the world from the place of the eagle and fly with Spirit.

Because of the diversity of our teachers and guest speakers, Stone & Feather offers a wide range of sessions and classes from various modalities and practices. Please contact us for a current list of offerings.